Dining and living room

is equipped with 30 seats (benches/wooden stools), sufficient crockery, cutlery, glasses and raclette/fondue utensils are available.


has an electric cooker with oven as well as a wood cooker.There are enough "cooking utensils", coffee filter holders incl. filter paper, several thermos flasks as well as "service dishes" for preparing/serving meals for up to 30 people.Two large sinks facilitate washing up. 

Cleaning agents, kitchen towels etc. are provided.


is located in the fully developed "attic" (accessible via a small staircase).
and offers space for 25 people (dormitory). Blankets and pillows are available.

Next to the dining room and lounge is the "ladder room" with two bedsteads with mattresses.


is not neglected in the hut. In the rear part of the ski hut is the washroom, the two toilets and the shower (single cabin). A large boiler provides enough hot water.

backpack and shoe room

In the backpack room you will also find the fuse box with the main switches for light and the boilers.

The shoe and drying room has a rack on which the ski and other shoes can be deposited and dried.Wet kitchen towels etc. can also be hung up to dry. 

wooden room and woodshed

DThe wood room is not only the storage place for the "daily ration" of firewood, but also serves as storage for drinks and food etc. The refrigerator and freezer are also located in the wood room. The refrigerator and freezer are also located in the wood room. 

The emergency exit leads to the wood shed behind the hut, where the remaining firewood is stored

the terrace

 is equipped with benches to enjoy the magnificent view and the sun.

Two banquet sets are also available for cosy get-togethers on the terrace.  A barbecue is also available.